Six Indian Horses: Palominos


Six Indian Horses: Palominos

  1. The beautiful Palomino has a golden coat with a white mane and tail.
  2. They are not a genetic breed.  The term Palomino refers to their distinctive color.
  3. Their coats range from cream to a dark golden yellow.
  4. Palominos generally have brown eyes.
  5. The TV star Mr. Ed was a Palomino horse.
  6. But Roy Roger’s buddy Trigger may be more famous!

4 responses to “Six Indian Horses: Palominos

  1. My old farrier Uncle, Ink Knudson, now 91, used to shoe Roy Rogers’ horse, Trigger (in the San Fernando Valley at that time). I was fortunate enough to learn farriery from Uncle Ink in the 90s, and have been trimming and shoeing horses ever since :)) I’ve also found several palomino horses to have unusual eyes ranging from blueish tones and dark speckles to green tones with marbled coloring. I’ve photographed some of the unusual eyes over the years — Best to you :)) Dawn


      • That’s why we all had Breyer plastic horses as kids . . . that way we could have a herd of each breed, color, size . . . :)) I really enjoyed looking over your posts. In the early 70’s I built a Sioux 18′ tipi out of Marine Vivtex fabric, cedar poles, and lived in it, on and off for many years. Simply lovely :))

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