Buffalo Bits

The North American Buffalo (Bison) was the single most important resource for the Plains Indians because it provided:


From the skin:

tipi covers, leather clothing and goods, bedding, straps and belts, bags and pouches, drums, rattles, horse tack, water flasks

From the horns:

cups, headdresses, toys

From the flesh:

fresh meat, dried jerky, ground pemmican

From the hair:

ornaments, rope, pillows

From the sinews:

sewing thread, glue, bows

From the bladder:

pouches, medicine bags

From the bones:

tools, knives, toys, weapons, shovels, needles, clubs, food (marrow)

From the stomach:

buckets and other containers

From the dung:

fire fuel, baby diaper powder

From the fat:

cooking grease, soap

From the tail:

fly switches, brushes, whips

From the tongue:

food, hair brushes

From the brain:

leather tanning solution

From the hooves and feet:

glue, rattles

From the beard:

clothing, weapons

And the skull of this sacred animal was used in religious ceremonies!



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