Kit’s Crit: The Last Midwife (Sandra Dallas)


Gracy Brookens is the healer that the women of a small Colorado mining town turn to in times of sickness and childbirth.  She knows all their secrets, and even has a few of her own that are revealed as the story progresses.  Then one day, this local midwife is accused of murdering the son and heir of the most important man in town.  Gracy is sent to trial and must fight to clear her name.  But in order to escape the noose she would have to break the confidences placed in her, which is something she is not prepared do.  The townsfolk rush to support – or condemn – her, either because they are grateful for her medical assistance or vengeful over past losses.

I thoroughly enjoyed this western historical fiction.  It effortlessly blends human frailty, murder and mystery, with pioneer strength and fortitude.  This type of drama could happen in any small town, but Sandra Dallas evokes such a sense of place that the reader is instantly plunged into the wild west, where the battle for survival takes an even greater toll on the women than on their men.

Highly recommended for generating an interesting and informative book club discussion.

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