Billy The Kid

Billy The Kid (1859-1881)


  • Henry McCarty was born in New York City, 1859.
  • Also known as William H. Bonney and Billy the Kid  – he was one of the most infamous Wild West gunfighters.
  • This outlaw never held up a stagecoach or bank, yet he became the most wanted man on the American frontier.
  • He was called “the Kid” because of his youth, smooth face, slight build, and rash personality.
  • Billy the Kid was known to have killed at least eight men.
  • His first arrests were at the age of sixteen, for the theft of food, clothing, and firearms.
  • After joining a band of cattle rustlers in New Mexico, he had a $500 bounty placed on his head.
  • In 1880, he was captured by his friend, Sheriff Pat Garrett, for the murder of two lawmen — William J. Brady and his deputy.
  • Although sentenced to hang, Billy escaped from jail and went on the run again.
  • Garrett eventually caught up with him at Fort Summer in 1881, and killed the twenty-one-year-old outlaw in an ambush.
  • But legend claims Billy survived the attack.  Several men have since come forward claiming to be the outlaw.
  • Was the Fort Summer ambush cleverly staged by Garrett so he could claim the bounty money, and Bonney could evade the law? We will never know.  What do you think happened?


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