Blazing Saddles: Texas (1885-1900)

Texan Cowboy Saddles


Horse saddles originated in the Dark Ages.  They were developed for Crusader Knights and Moors when they rode into battle.

The Spanish brought them to the New World, where they were adopted and adapted by the Americans.


  • By 1885, many saddles featured the Cheyenne roll – a wider raised cantle that gave a more comfortable ride.
  • Loop seats appeared.  Square cut-outs revealed the tops of the stirrup leathers where they hung over the tree.  These allowed for easy cleaning, oiling, and replacement.  They remained popular through to the 1920s.
  • Saddle swells were created by adding a type of bucking roll around the fork.  These were later incorporated into the fork area design to prevent the rider’s pelvis from slamming against the fork on a bucking horse.

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