Cowboy Spurs

Cowboy Spurs

  • Spurs are a pair of metal tools worn on the heels of cowboy riding boots.
  • They are designed to direct an animal’s movements – usually forward or sideways – and can encourage a quick response to commands.


  • Spurs are generally held in place by a strap that goes over the arch of the foot, under the sole, and in front of the heel.
  • This strap is called a yoke, branch, or heel bend.
  • The shrank or neck extends from the strap.  This is the part that touches the animal.
  • Some spurs also have a rowel – a revolving wheel or disc attached to the shrank.
  • Jingle Bobs can be added to create a jingling sound whenever the boot moves.
  • Modern spurs are designed, operated, and controlled to transmit subtle signals to the horse, and aim to avoid unnecessary animal abuse.

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