The Rodeo: Let It Ride!

Rough Stock Competitions.

  • Rough Stock Competitions include Bull Riding and Bronc Riding events.
  • The aim is for the cowboy to stay as long as possible on the back of a bucking animal.  This imitates the way young horses were traditionally “broken” on the ranch.
  • Bronc Riding has two divisions:  saddled and bareback riding.  These horses are no longer wild, but in fact are usually bred as bucking stock.  The rider has to hold onto the lead rope (bronc rein) and stay mounted.  The longest ride wins.
  • Bull Riding is a more dangerous version of the sport.  The aim is the same – but bulls are more unpredictable than horses and can seriously injure a fallen rider.  For this reason a rodeo clown called the “bullfighter” helps to distract the animal once the rider is down.
  • Rough Stock Competitions also have “pick-up men” (and women) who assist the riders and get them to safety.  Yee haw!

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