The Dalton Gang

  • The Dalton Gang were active between 1890-1892, in Kansas and Indian Territory (Oklahoma).
  • Their name came from the three Dalton-brother members: Bob (1868-1892), Emmett “Em”(1871-1937), and Gratton “Grat” (1865-1892).
  • An older brother – Frank – had been a Deputy Marshal, but he was killed in 1888.  His three siblings initially followed in his footsteps and only turned to crime after they were not paid for upholding the law.
  • The Dalton family came from Indian Territory and later settled in Kansas.
  • They were related to the Younger Brothers who rode with Jesse James.
  • This gang specialized in bank and train robberies.
  • They were notoriously violent and sometimes shot innocent bystanders.
  • Other members included Dick Broadwell, Bill Power, Bill Doolin, Charlie Bryant, Charley Pierce, and George Newcomb.
  • The majority of the gang was killed trying to rob two banks at the same time, when the townsfolk of Coffeyville (Kansas) protected their money in a lengthy shootout.

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