Warrior Women: Woman Chief

Woman Chief (1806-1854)

  • Woman Chief was a revered female warrior of the Crow Tribe.
  • She may also have been called Pine Leaf and Biawacheeitche.
  • This Warrior Woman was born into the Gros Ventres people of Montana.
  • After being taken prisoner at the age of 10, Woman Chief was raised by the Crows.
  • Since her adopted father had lost all his sons, he encouraged her tom-boy pursuits.
  • Yet even when engaging in masculine activities she always wore female attire.
  • Woman Chief excelled at horse riding, shooting, and dressing buffalo.
  • When he father died she took control of his lodge and went on several raids against the Blackfoot.
  • She raised her own band of warriors that took many horses and scalps.
  • Woman Chief had four wives.
  • Following the Treaty of Fort Laramie (1851), she became involved in inter-tribal negotiations.
  • After several years of peace this remarkable warrior was ambushed and killed by her original birth tribe.


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